WorkMeter XP

WorkMeter XP

Measure your mouse activity


  • Records mouse clicks, keystrokes and mouse movement
  • Keeps history of your performance


  • Not much point to it

Not bad

Have you ever stopped to think how many button presses and mouse clicks you've made on your computer over the years? Well, you need wonder no longer thanks to WorkMeter XP.

A simple yet somewhat amusing program, WorkMeter XP measures a range of different actions performed on your PC as you work. It notes the number of keystrokes you make, the number of mouse clicks, along with the mouse trajectory in pixels and meters. You'll need to make sure you have the correct monitor size selected in the WorkMeter XP interface, otherwise the information it gives you will not be accurate.

Besides just recording the stats as you type, WorkMeter XP also keeps a history of your records, so you can compare the amount of key presses and mouse movement over time, which I thought was an interesting feature. You also get an option for auto-starting WorkMeter XP at Windows startup.

Ultimately I guess WorkMeter XP doesn't really serve any purpose other than being a brief novelty. Actually the best use I found for it was to race your pals to being the quickest to move the mouse a total of 100 meters.

If you're interested to know exactly how many buttons you press on a daily basis, WorkMeter XP provides an accurate and easy-to-read solution.

WorkMeter XP


WorkMeter XP

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